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Why Japan did not disclose enough information on the nuclear crisis

Living up to its reputation

We all know by now that Japan, living up to it’s reputation of being too secretive on disclosing information that would affect its, er.. “reputation”, did it yet again amidst the nuclear crisis.

This time however, it was not something that was just a matter of reputation. This is a nuclear crisis that impacts the whole world. And yet, Japan remained secretive and very much closed on revealing required data to world authorities.

I don’t need to cite sources for this, as this is well known everywhere. But just for the records here on this site, as an addition to the number of reasons that indicate that Tokyo may not be safe, here is just one of them taken from: World critical of Japan’s failure to disclose info : National : DAILY YOMIURI ONLINE (The Daily Yomiuri).

“Many countries have grown frustrated with and distrustful of the Japanese government for its poor handling of the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant crisis and its failure to disclose relevant information after the earthquake and tsunami of March 11.”

The real reason why Japan did not disclose enough information on the nuclear crisis

I know Japan and its ways of working well enough to understand that it would have NEVER been the case that they did not have data about the nuclear radiations and knowledge about the extent of the damage. The Japanese will never work without data.

So I believe that Japan knew the severity of the nuclear crisis all along. Then why did they not disclose the information?

A few simple answers that come to mind:

1. Where could millions of people, especially the estimated 13 million in Tokyo, have gone if they declared an emergency? There would probably have been more deaths from chaos and stampedes, had an emergency ever been declared here.

2. Which government would want it’s economy, the 3rd largest in the world, to collapse in a span of just a few days?

On the contrary, any government would be willing to compromise the safety of its citizens in order to sustain economic growth and overall order in the country.

So the question of whether the nuclear situation is under control, or whether Tokyo is safe from the radiations, is really a matter of deciding by each person for himself/herself.

Talk about stale news! Japan will never disclose the information right away, and the proper details may only come out months or years later. Wouldn’t that be too late for you to do anything about it then?


About Tokyo Nuclear Watchdog

I'm a foreigner living in Tokyo, Japan, and I have been impacted by the Japan Nuclear Crisis of March 11, 2011. Though the impact of the massive earthquake that was followed by an even more disastrous tsunami, which led to the nuclear crisis, was not as disastrous in Tokyo as it was around the Fukushima Nuclear Plants, there has not been sufficient data to prove that Tokyo is safe from nuclear radiation as is being portrayed by the authorities. This site aims at erring on the side of safety while it keeps a close watch on the crisis and how it affects those residing in and around the Tokyo (Kanto) region. Remember that the proper truth about radiation may only come out 5 or 10 years later when a classified file gets leaked out, but that will be too late for you to do anything about it if you were in Tokyo and had been through those radiation then (which as of this writing, is NOW). Do not believe the media. Trust your instincts, and make your own well-informed decisions about your safety. This site is here to help you, and your contributions are most welcome.


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