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Chernobyl survivor warns of ‘bombshell’ from Japan nuclear calamity

Source: Chernobyl survivor warns of ‘bombshell’ from nuclear calamity.

TOKYO: A survivor of the Chernobyl disaster says people exposed to radiation from Japan’s crippled nuclear plant will spend the rest of their lives fearing the “bombshell” of cancer and other dire illnesses.

Today (Tuesday, April 26, 2011) marks the 25th anniversary of the world’s worst nuclear calamity and coincides with efforts to stop radiation seeping from the Fukushima plant after its cooling systems were knocked out by an earthquake and tsunami on March 11.

“The Fukushima accident is like the twin brother of Chernobyl,” said Pavel Vdovichenko, 59, who had already accepted an invitation from Japanese anti-nuclear groups to join a rally marking a quarter-century since Chernobyl.

“People in the two places have to suffer long-time hardship,” Vdovichenko, a Russian, told AFP through an interpreter. “People in Chernobyl suffered from cancer after the accident. A similar thing may happen to Fukushima.”

Waiting to see over the coming months and years if their health has been compromised is like living “with a bombshell waiting to explode” for people who lived close to the ageing Fukushima Daiichi plant, he said.

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About Tokyo Nuclear Watchdog

I'm a foreigner living in Tokyo, Japan, and I have been impacted by the Japan Nuclear Crisis of March 11, 2011. Though the impact of the massive earthquake that was followed by an even more disastrous tsunami, which led to the nuclear crisis, was not as disastrous in Tokyo as it was around the Fukushima Nuclear Plants, there has not been sufficient data to prove that Tokyo is safe from nuclear radiation as is being portrayed by the authorities. This site aims at erring on the side of safety while it keeps a close watch on the crisis and how it affects those residing in and around the Tokyo (Kanto) region. Remember that the proper truth about radiation may only come out 5 or 10 years later when a classified file gets leaked out, but that will be too late for you to do anything about it if you were in Tokyo and had been through those radiation then (which as of this writing, is NOW). Do not believe the media. Trust your instincts, and make your own well-informed decisions about your safety. This site is here to help you, and your contributions are most welcome.



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