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I'm a foreigner living in Tokyo, Japan, and I have been impacted by the Japan Nuclear Crisis of March 11, 2011. Though the impact of the massive earthquake that was followed by an even more disastrous tsunami, which led to the nuclear crisis, was not as disastrous in Tokyo as it was around the Fukushima Nuclear Plants, there has not been sufficient data to prove that Tokyo is safe from nuclear radiation as is being portrayed by the authorities. This site aims at erring on the side of safety while it keeps a close watch on the crisis and how it affects those residing in and around the Tokyo (Kanto) region. Remember that the proper truth about radiation may only come out 5 or 10 years later when a classified file gets leaked out, but that will be too late for you to do anything about it if you were in Tokyo and had been through those radiation then (which as of this writing, is NOW). Do not believe the media. Trust your instincts, and make your own well-informed decisions about your safety. This site is here to help you, and your contributions are most welcome.
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Radioactive Cesium far above legal limits found south of Tokyo

Alright, they said that Tokyo is safe! I never believed them! Today we hear that radioactive Cesium has far above the legal limits has been found south of Tokyo. Remember that the Fukushima plants are to the north of Tokyo. So common sense tells us that Tokyo is in right in the middle! Here is … Continue reading

No more Sushi! Radioactive contamination of fish spreading globally

The March 11 earthquake and tsunami knocked out cooling systems at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant and, almost two months later, the nation is still struggling to prevent an atomic disaster. They say the situation is under control, but everyone knows that it could go either way at any time. Meanwhile, the discovery of radiation … Continue reading

Children’s Day In Japan: Radiation limits for students same as nuclear workers

Japan’s Nuclear Catastrophe Leaves Little to Celebrate on Children’s Day Source: Institute for Policy Studies A recent government decision callously put thousands of kids in harm’s way. May 5 is Children’s Day, a Japanese national holiday that celebrates the happiness of childhood. This year, it will fall under a dark, radioactive shadow. Japanese children in … Continue reading

Govt did not reveal high level radiation estimate. Do you know how high?

Source: NHK WORLD English. It has been learned that the Japanese government withheld the release of computer projections indicating high levels of radioactivity in areas more than 30 kilometers from the troubled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. The estimates were made on March 16th following explosions at the plant by an institute commissioned by the … Continue reading

The dangers foreseen from the Fukushima nuclear crisis

Here’s a very thought provoking peek at the dangers foreseen from the Fukushima nuclear crisis. At the press conference “The Dangers of Nuclear War” held at Montreal on March 18, 2011, Dr Helen Caldicott speaks about the dangers of nuclear power, from what happened at Chernobyl 25 years ago and the resulting situation in Europe … Continue reading

Fukushima nuclear radiation more than 40 Hiroshima atom bombs

The Chernobyl explosion released about 400 times more radiation than the U.S. atomic bomb dropped over Hiroshima. Hundreds of thousands were sickened and once-pristine forests and farmland still remain contaminated. Let’s, for a moment, agree that the Fukushima Nuclear Crisis released only 10% of radiation than Chernobyl did, as quoted by the Japanese agencies. That … Continue reading

Radioactive Cesium found in breast milk of Tokyo women

A couple of days ago I analyzed the news about radioactive Iodine being found in breast milk of women in Chiba, just about 30 kms from the heart of Tokyo. I had stated that Tokyo is not safe from this risk, and it brings me no pleasure but immense sadness to report today that not … Continue reading

Japan senior nuclear adviser to Kan resigns over gov’t nuclear crisis response

A senior nuclear adviser to Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan submitted his resignation on Friday, saying the government had ignored his advice and failed to follow the law. Toshiso Kosako, a Tokyo University professor who was named last month as an advisor to Kan, said the government had only taken ad hoc measures to contain … Continue reading

The whole truth about nuclear radiation found in breast milk of Japanese women

I suppose you would have read the news last week (April 21 & 22) about the risk of radiation to breast milk. In this article I bring to you my analysis of the situation, and the criticality of the matter. Before we proceed, let me remind you that it was not just radiation that was … Continue reading

Cesium contamination in Fukushima fish 5 times permissible level

Radioactivity exceeding safety limits has been detected in fish and spinach from Fukushima Prefecture, where the battle to stabilize a disaster-hit nuclear power plant continues. On Tuesday, 2,600 to 3,200 becquerels per kilogram of radioactive cesium was detected in 2 samples of a fish species called the sand lance caught off Iwaki City. That’s 5 … Continue reading

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